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Why Visit Bhutan?

Why Visit Bhutan?

Bhutan is known for its stunning landscapes, legendary ancient temples and fortresses, spicy yet delicious food, colorful festivals and most of all its authenticity. The only carbon neutral country on the earth. If you wish to escape from your buzzing life and relish a moment in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is the place for you! the most highly acclaimed travel destination. A land with remarkable natural beauty with a pristine and intact natural environment and a friendly tradition-bound people. To the discerning international traveler, Bhutan has become an exotic and enticing destination. At this time and age when tourism most often dictates national economics, travel to Bhutan is a refreshing experience. Here, a deeply ingrained sense of hospitality, a universally acknowledged ecosystem and a living culture ensures every traveler the best that any nation has on to  offer. Travel to Bhutan is really an exploration. 

Explore the tradition and culture that has been preserved through the centuries. In Bhutan, it is not about seeing a display showcased for tourists but living and sharing an experience with the Bhutanese. From religious festivals to a celebration on a farm or a game of archery, become a part of it all. Come and discover the secret of Happiness and peaceful country – Bhutan 

不丹是大自然鬼斧神工的杰作,经典传说中的古庙和堡垒处处林立;这里具有丰富的名族色彩;辛辣但美味的食物,文化色彩浓烈的宗教节庆都是令人向往的。不丹也是地球上唯一的碳中和国家,如果你想沉浸的纯净的空气,逃离城市喧嚣的生活,沿途欣赏喜马拉雅山山脉的美景,不丹就是你的首选! 一个拥有自然美景,原始而完整环境的地方,对热爱探索的旅行者来说,不丹就是充满异国情调和诱人风景的最后边界。不丹人的好客及整体生态环境和良好的生活文化对热爱旅行的您来说,确实耳目一新。

真正的探索尽在不丹,您可以探索保留了数个世纪的传统文化、宗教节庆、乡村的庆祝活动或射箭游戏,让你了解及体验不丹人的日常生活。快来发现幸福与和平的国家– 神秘的不丹。


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